CBZ Properties’ Beverly Corner Mall beautifies Harare’s downtown.

CBZ Properties is making an impact in a downtown area where most buildings are decaying. The Beverly Corner building has been transformed into a shopping center. The mall is convenient for shoppers since it offers an almost unlimited selection of products in a wide variety of departments.

There will be a wide variety of stores selling anything from electronics to clothing to beauty supplies to food and more. If you ask anybody, they will tell you that the mall is a great spot to meet up with friends. The establishment of such areas requires careful planning to ensure that they mix in with the surrounding grandeur and spirit.

CBZ Properties conducted extensive market research and developed a solution to a pressing need in the central business district. The mall’s space configuration and tenant roster are well-defined. The site layout of this shopping center is excellent. It is well suited for downtown and urban consumers. The entryway is a vital part of a structure since it serves as a link between the interior and exterior spaces. It will establish the mood of the room before the visitor ever sets foot inside.

This is why somuch care was taken in creating it. There won’t be any stampedes or stumbling as people try to enter the building. Shoppers may feel safe making their purchases in the well-lit store. Light air flows across here. Malls are more than simply structures; they are symbols of their communities. That’s why they’re more than simply a pane of glass today.

Fa├žade design advancements during the last decade have resulted in more sophisticated, visually pleasing, and environmentally friendly building envelopes. The mall’s identity is built on the element of surprise. The vivid colors are part of the interior design, and the building’s entryway makes you feel like you’re in a whole different area of town than where you really are. It’s more than a shopping center; it’s an event for the community. We hope they open a restaurant on the building’s rooftop since the scenery is so lovely.

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