The wooly miner

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A wealthy couple’s anniversary is coming up and the wife is having a hard time finding a present for her husband because he already has everything he has ever wanted. So she’s walking down the street and decides to go into a pet store in search of a suitable present. After looking around for a few minutes she goes up to the counter and asks the clerk, “Do you have any exotic pets? Something unusual? My wedding anniversary is coming up, but my
husband already has everything he’s ever wanted” the store clerk immediately says, “Don’t worry. I think I’ve got just what your looking for.” the clerk leads her into a small back room in the middle of which stood a cage atop a wooden stool.

In the middle of the the cage there was a little poofy fur ball. The wife looks to the clerk and asks, “Umm…. What is that supposed to be?” the clerk answers, “it’s a wooly miner!” “wooly miner? What’s a wooly miner!?” “well here, I’ll show you.” the clerk open the cage, grabs the wooly miner, and sets it down on the wooden stool and commands it, “wooly miner, wooly miner this stool!“ the wooly miner instantly begins mauling the stool, and within 10 seconds it is reduced to a pile of saw dust.

The wife is amazed and immediately agrees to purchase the wooly miner at an insanely high price. A few days later on their anniversary when the wife gives her husband the gift she tells him, “This year’s gift is one of a kind. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen.” her husband is ecstatic seeing as its been years since he got a unique gift. He opens up the rather large box only to see a little poof ball in the center of a cage. Disappointed he says, “This is what you got me?! What the hell is this!?” the wife perks up, “Well, it’s a wooly miner!” the husband opens the cage, grabs the wooly miner, and yells, “Wooly miner!? Wooly Miner my ass!”

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