Waterproofing your roof before the rainy season hits

While the end of the dry spell is certainly cause for celebration, the arrival of the rainy season also brings the danger of severe weather that may severely damage the exteriors of houses and structures. Investing in preventive roof maintenance now can save you money in the long run by making sure your roof is in good shape regardless of the weather this season brings.

To get your roof ready for the rain, follow these easy steps:

Get the gutters cleaned out.

Gutter blockage is common throughout the fall and winter months due to the accumulation of leaves and other debris, particularly during periods of high winds. When it rains, water won’t be able to securely drain from your gutters and away from your property, which may lead to major problems. Cleaning up your gutters can improve water flow and prevent water from causing damage to your roof.

Check for destruction.

It’s important to inspect your roof for damaged or slipped tiles, especially if your property is older and hasn’t had regular maintenance. Even if the damage is minor, a severe storm might cause a little leak in a tile to become catastrophic. If any tiles on your roof have been damaged, it is best to have a professional replace them.

Fix roof leaks.

Is there water damage to the ceiling or walls? Expert assistance in finding the source of a roof leak and fixing it before it worsens is something you should look into immediately if you have any reason to suspect one.

Roof waterproofing

Roof waterproofing is essential, even if there is no visible leak, in order to protect against any potential moisture issues in the future. A roof that has been waterproofed not only reduces the possibility of leaks but also greatly increases the lifespan of the roof. In order to get your roof in order before the rain starts falling for real, you need to be proactive. A professional roof contractor’s trained eye is vital whether your roof requires repair, preventive maintenance, or waterproofing.

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